This, is Billy. He helps Brandon sell boats. He also hates having his picture taken

Billy and Brandon grew up together and have been the best man at each others weddings.

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We are here to gladly assist you with all your boat buying needs! The intention of this website is for our customers to get to know us, our company, and the day to day boat selling amazing-ness that is our lives!

​-Brandon Johnson Heartland Marine

Our History

Brandon is from Stover, Missouri which is a huge booming city just north of the Lake (population 964). He grew up working on a farm and disliked getting dirty. He then took a job selling vacuum cleaners door to door and experienced great success, boats were obviously the next logical step. Billy grew up in Versailles, Missouri which is located 7 miles from Stover where he befriended Brandon. They grew up listening to rap music in a Camaro and acting ridiculously cool. Big dreams, medium work ethic, and little checking accounts lead them to work together basically there entire adult life. Their youth was spent working a sweat shop making cheeseburgers for local law enforcement. So they came together later to work together at Heartland Marine Boat Sales & First Phase Marine Consignment, and they remind each other daily to:

  • Do our best to under promise and over deliver
  • Listen to our customers needs and try to help them find the right boat first
  • No matter how you do it, leave your mark

This is Brandon. He sells boats

Brandon went from selling vacuum cleaners door to door to selling boats like a Walmart sells toilet paper.